Demolition Permit

Required For Any Demolition of Buildings or Parts of Buildings

Please view our Demolition Handout for requirements and Inspections.

Ensure the following items are addressed as applicable required documentation are available to submit with permit application:

  1. Disconnect electric and gas service contact MidAmerican Energy Company. For this service call (888) 427-5632.
  2. Submit copies of plat of survey that show well, septic tank and fuel tank on the plat if applicable.
  3. Seal well if installed and Submit (1) copy of a well capping report by a certified well driller.
  4. Abandon septic tank. Call Rock Island County Health Department for inspection at (309) 558-2840 .
  5. Remove fuel oil tanks. Submit (1) copy of a permit from the Office of the State Fire Marshal and Rock Island Fire Department to witness.
  6. Submit (1) Copy of IDOT permit is required for work on state roads right-of-way.
  7. Request final water meter reading and meter removal. For this service call City of Rock Island Finance Department at (309) 732-2000.
  8. Disconnect and terminate water service and cap sewer service. Call Inspection Division at (309) 732-2910 to schedule an Inspection.
  9. All General contractors demolishing a structure utilizing federal, state or city monies must file 10 day notice with the State of Illinois ‘ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY ‘confirming that asbestos has been abated before demolition may commence.
  10. The following steps must be taken in this order to satisfy City of Rock Island and EPA Requirements:
  11. Demolition Permit Application
    (Application must be completed and signed by Owner or Registered Contractor as applicable).
  12. Permit fees required
  13. All contractors must be registered with the City of Rock Island